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Skills Labs are conference calls accessible either via telephone (or the internet by using Skype) where you will meet up with fellow classmates to put what you have learned into practice.


The calls are led by a member of the BHC team who will initially make sure that everyone on the call is set and has the skills lab session guide.

After this introduction, students are paired-off at random with each other and the real work begins! Please note that groups are set at this point so we cannot guarantee you a partner or group if you arrive late.

During this period you and your partner will assume the role of coach and client for 30 minutes each using the sessions outline to guide your conversation (don’t worry – we will let you know when to switch!). The aim is not to be perfect, but to feel comfortable in what you are doing and to be able to hone your skills in a safe environment – so go for it!

Whilst you are in your pairs, our team will occasionally circulate around the rooms calls to ensure everyone is on track and not having any technical difficulties. Again the idea is to help you find your own feet in this environment and to be there to assist when you need us, with this in mind our team will rarely intervene in a call unless asked for assistance (press #4 on your keypad to do this).

At the end of the paired coaching you will return to the main room where you will run through any outstanding points and the offline activities following the session before concluding the call. This is now your chance to post your skills lab activity in your Facebook group and maximize your experience by asking questions, sharing your experience and giving a shout out to the group, remember you are all in this together so don’t be afraid to share and question!


Knowledge gained but not practiced will soon be knowledge lost and it’s never been truer than in health coaching. We offer our students the opportunity to come together in an organized way every week so that you can get practical experience and guidance.

The value gained through these sessions cannot be understated so we encourage our students to not only attend these sessions but to reach out to classmates on your Facebook group and get as much practical experience as possible!

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